TS Darby to miss Hawaii but bring south swell this weekend

TS Darby track
TS Darby Track

Tropical Storm Darby is the first tropical cyclone system to really affect Hawaii so far in 2022. The storm has already weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm and is forecasted to track well below the Hawaiian island chain this weekend. Although significantly weakened and tracking far south, the system is combining with already heightened south swells to create a particularly strong surf forecast for the the south coasts of the islands. You can expect unsafe conditions for entering and exiting Ala Wai and Kewalo harbors and no anchoring off the Bight of Waikiki this weekend. NOAA forecasters are expecting a below average hurricane season in 2022, but that doesn’t mean to let your guard down. Always good to keep an eye on the forecasts and keep supplies ready.

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