Hawaii Afloat

Hawaii Sailing Resources Page

Sailing in Hawai’i is quite different than on the mainland. Hawaii is an island state thousands of miles in the middle of the ocean and the things that make Hawaii special can also make it challenging. We have some serious sea conditions here and the infrastructure and resources available to boaters are lacking compared to the mainland. But don’t even compare, this not the mainland. Hawaii is truly a special kind of paradise that has risen from the depths of the middle of the Pacific Ocean where vibrant natural life and human civilization has managed to find a home despite a wide expanse of ocean all around. Sailors in Hawaii share in the heritage of the ancient voyagers who first found these islands and the many intrepid explorers from around the world who followed in their footstep. Today, most people sail through the sky to find Hawaii but once here and out on the water you can’t help but float in awe of these magnificent islands and their surrounding beautiful waters.

Hawaii Afloat is a project created by Captain Greg Martin, as a summary of some useful information compiled from several years of sailing around the Hawaiian islands aboard s/v Gemini. This is an ongoing project and your input is welcome! Please contact greg@ventureafloat.com if you have any questions or comments. Mahalo!